Be The Difference Foundation Announces Collaboration With Mary Crowley Cancer Research and The Clearity Foundation to Increase Support For Clinical Trial Participants

July 31, 2020 11:00 am

The following article is provided by The Clearity Foundation to support women with ovarian cancer and their families. Learn more about The Clearity Foundation and the services we provide directly to women as they make treatment decisions and navigate emotional impacts of their diagnosis.

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New “Caring For Her” program facilitates access to clinical trials and psychosocial support services for women with ovarian cancer.

Be The Difference Foundation today announced the launch of its “Caring For Her” program in partnership with Mary Crowley Cancer Research and The Clearity Foundation. The program is designed to overturn misperceptions related to clinical trials and facilitate access to psychosocial support resources for ovarian cancer patients and their caregivers.

Currently, only eight percent of cancer patients participate in clinical trials. Low enrollment adversely affects the advancement of cancer research, which in turn, limits patient access to the newest therapies.

Although low rates of participation in cancer trials can be attributed to patient apprehension about treatment side effects or trial protocols, eligibility criteria and access to trial centers also pose barriers to patient enrollment. Changing perceptions about cancer clinical trials and removing obstacles to participation has become a priority for stakeholders across the continuum of cancer research and treatment.

Patient education that addresses specific concerns related to trial participation has been shown to reduce apprehension and empower patients to become invested in the treatment decision process. This commitment to collaboration, communication and the patient experience can help drive clinical trial success and ultimately, the approval of new ovarian cancer treatments.

“Be The Difference Foundation is excited to partner with Mary Crowley Cancer Research and The Clearity Foundation to provide clinical trial education and psychosocial support to women battling ovarian cancer and their caregivers,” said Jill Bach, co-founder of Be The Difference Foundation. “Our hope is that the Caring For Her Program will provide ovarian cancer patients with the best possible opportunities for long-term remission with quality of life, and to advance new ovarian cancer treatment options from clinical trial status to approval for patient use by the FDA.”

Be The Difference Foundation has long supported cancer research in an effort to provide comprehensive treatment options for ovarian cancer patients. Now they’re bridging the gap between treatment and whole-person support by offering ovarian cancer-specific psychosocial support services to Mary Crowley Cancer Research clinical trial participants and their caregivers through “Steps Through OC”—a program offered by The Clearity Foundation.

Learning to cope with the emotional aspects of an ovarian cancer diagnosis or fear of recurrence is an important part of treatment. Steps Through OC offers compassionate and professional support to ovarian cancer patients, survivors and active caregivers by telephone or videoconference, nationwide. The program does not provide psychotherapy services; rather, Steps Through OC mental health counselors offer one-to-one sessions that include active listening, coping strategies and individualized resources and referrals. Ovarian cancer clinical trial participants at Mary Crowley Cancer Research will be matched with an ovarian cancer counselor and a personalized support plan developed. Services are provided at no cost and counseling is tailored to the changing needs of individuals throughout the ovarian cancer journey.

With increased support services, Be The Difference Foundation hopes to minimize fear and uncertainty for ovarian cancer patients in need of expanded treatment options. Bringing both The Clearity Foundation and Mary Crowley Cancer Research into the Caring For Her program augments their collective offerings and promotes a holistic approach to the care and management of women with ovarian cancer.

To learn more about Caring For Her and to lend your support, please visit

Be The Difference Foundation was formed in 2012 by four ovarian cancer survivors who wanted to “be the difference” in the fight against ovarian cancer by helping women increase their chances of survival. The mission of Be The Difference Foundation is to create awareness and improve the lives of all people affected by ovarian cancer through education, support and research.

Mary Crowley Cancer Research has been dedicated to the discovery of potential new therapies to positively impact the care of cancer patients in their lifetime for over 20 years. The mission of Mary Crowley Cancer Research is to bring hope to cancer patients through innovative clinical trials while advancing treatment for patients in the future. Hope lives here.

The Clearity Foundation was founded in 2008 by scientist and ovarian cancer survivor Laura Shawver, Ph.D, to improve the survival and quality of life for women with ovarian cancer. The Foundation provides one-to-one treatment decision guidance and psychosocial support services to patients, survivors and their caregivers based on each woman’s unique needs and priorities.

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