Treatment Decision Support

Clearity believes that all women deserve the best possible therapies for their unique disease.

To this end, you will find information on this website:

If you would like personal one-to-one assistance, our Treatment Decision Support scientific team can help you.  Clearity does not provide medical advice about which treatments women should receive. Instead, our staff explain treatment options and tumor testing results and provide potential questions and other information that they can discuss with their physicians.

We aim to help you understand:

  • Standard chemotherapy and targeted treatments appropriate for your particular clinical situation
  • How your tumor’s characteristics (biomarkers, profile, gene mutations/alterations) can make it more sensitive to certain therapies
  • Promising drugs in clinical trials that may be appropriate for you

To receive an initial consultation, please:

1. Complete our secure and privacy-protected online Treatment Decision Support Information form. Providing more information, including the dates, for your cancer diagnosis and treatments will ensure that our discussion is tailored to your specific situation.

2. Send us a copy of your most recent scan report (if you have had a recurrence)

3. Send us a copy of your tumor profiling report (if you have had that testing performed)

Please email the requested records to Clearity at  or fax to 858-657-0265. 

If you have any questions, please email us at the above address.