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Welcome to Cancer Connections, Clearity’s Podcast!

Cancer Connections is the podcast for anyone who has been impacted by a cancer diagnosis or is interested in learning from others who have.

In each episode, host Hillary Theakston, Clearity’s Executive Director, and her guests have conversations about cancer that don’t always happen, but maybe should, on topics like stress and wellness, clinical trials, “exceptional” patient responses, and more. We will not have all of the answers, but we hope you’ll connect with the ideas and inspiration that you need for life with cancer on your own terms.

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The guests interviewed for each Cancer Connections episode are presenting their own opinions and perspectives based on their areas of expertise, research and experience. Clearity as an organization is not endorsing any specific direction, guidance or option presented by our guests. We firmly believe in the uniqueness of each cancer experience and encourage our listeners use their own judgement in deciding which resources or ideas are right for them. Listeners are encouraged to delve deeper into subjects of interest and utilize the resources in the show notes to learn more.