Targeting Drugs to Genomics

The Clearity Foundation uses molecular profiling to help inform treatment decisions for ovarian cancer patients. Our Tumor Blueprint provides valuable information for physicians as they determine the most appropriate treatments or clinical trials. By identifying the altered cellular pathways in a patient’s tumor, the Tumor Blueprint can help prioritize the treatments most likely to be effective.

Each Tumor Blueprint is generated by measuring a panel of protein biomarkers and using next generation sequencing to identify genomic alterations. Our test panel is updated as new scientific data emerges, technologies are developed and tests approved.

Clearity’s Tumor Blueprint matches the expressed proteins and unique mutations in each patient’s cancer to the most suitable treatments. Protein biomarkers in the panel were chosen based upon retrospective clinical research studies carried out in ovarian and other cancer patients. These studies demonstrated associations between biomarker expression and patients’ responses to treatment.

In addition to the protein tests, the analysis looks for genomic alterations in about 300 genes known to be involved in cancer development or progression. Some alterations have been linked to approved drugs and others to agents in clinical trials.

We summarize the molecular profiling results from multiple laboratories into one easy-to-read interpretive report, which is accessible online and provides information on biomarkers, clinical evidence, matching therapies and clinical trials. The results point to NCCN-recommended standard of care drugs, drugs approved in other indications or investigational agents in clinical trials that may provide clinical benefit.

We also maintain the Clearity database to facilitate data interpretation, track outcomes and identify patterns that may help guide therapeutic development. We ensure patient health record privacy and always obtain informed consent. Clinical follow-up data is essential to future advances. We will contact the physician’s office to follow up.