Psychosocial Support

Clearity believes that all people and active caregivers deserve compassionate and professional emotional support while managing an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

To this end, we offer the Steps Through OC program for ovarian cancer psychosocial support.

If you would like personal one-to-one assistance with the stress and challenges associated with your diagnosis, our team of OC Counselors can help you.

Our Steps Through OC program specifically offers:

  • Ten sessions of professional support over the course of six months
  • Meetings by telephone or videoconference to any location in the U.S.
  • Services to both patients/survivors and active caregivers
  • Educational content, resources and referrals.

Our OC Counselor team does not provide psychotherapy services. Instead, our team provides professional, ovarian cancer-focused support around the emotional experience of the diagnosis. Each OC Counselor has years of experience in working with ovarian cancer survivors and caregivers. They offer compassionate listening, education in coping methods and useful, personalized resources.


To register for the Steps Through OC program:

Complete our secure and privacy-protected online Self-Registration Form.
Once we receive your online registration, you will be matched with an OC Counselor who will reach out to you within two business days to set up an Orientation session.  Note that these services are provided at “no charge.”

If you have questions, please contact us directly at:  or call (866) 830-5134.