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Teal Woman Celebration 2021

Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Committed to science, devoted to patients, Clearity is your
trusted partner
for the ovarian cancer journey.

"Clearity helped our family in profound ways. I feel indebted to Clearity for the guidance they provided and want that guidance to be available to anybody who seeks it.”


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“Without the support of The Clearity Foundation it is hard to imagine where we would currently be in this journey. I feel every woman fighting this disease needs to know about Clearity.”


Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, The Clearity Foundation continues to be here for you during this challenging time in your ovarian cancer journey.

How Can We Help?

You are not alone on the ovarian cancer journey. Clearity provides one-to-one science-based treatment information to patients and families. Our support is personalized, based on each woman’s unique needs and priorities. We provide individualized information you can trust, when you need it.

Treatment Decision Support

Learn how our scientific support team can help.

Psychosocial Support

Learn how a professional ovarian cancer counselor can help.

For information specific to your clinical situation, please choose from the options below:

Newly Diagnosed


Learn more about ovarian cancer and how it is initially treated. In addition, explore other treatments that are currently in development that may be appropriate for you based on your clinical situation and genetic testing results.

Get one-to-one support during the “crisis of diagnosis.” Learn coping skills to manage your emotions, physical side effects, changes in relationships and activities of daily living.

Little Or No Disease After Treatment


Learn how maintenance treatment might keep your cancer from coming back and new drugs that are currently being tested in clinical trials. You and your doctor might request testing of your tumor to find out what treatment is right for you.

Get one-to-one support during the transitional period after treatment ends. Learn coping skills to help manage emotions, relationships, ongoing side effects, and the “new normal” of daily living.

Cancer Has Not Gone Away Or Has Come Back


Learn how progressive or recurrent cancer is usually treated, as well as new drugs that are showing promising results in clinical trials. You and your doctor may choose to prioritize these options by testing your tumor.

Get one-to-one support in the challenging case of recurrence. Learn coping skills to help manage emotions, fears, anxiety, stress, relationships, and quality of life choices.

Teal Woman Honorees

Barbara Sanders
Julie Petrow-Cohen
Margie Needham
Bebe B.
Judy B.
Lois 'Dolphin' B.
Dee S.
Annette McElhiney
Terri Moore
Noreen Forde
Linda Novack
Lynne H.
Nancy Novack
Alexis Anderson
Angie Cox
Ann Pinyan
Cindy Reynolds
Kate Horton
Kathy Wreschinsky
Korinna Olson
Kristen Foreman
Maureen Salloum
Leslie Vought Kuenne
Linda W.
Rachel Beard
Mary Rita Ely
Tiffany Briggs
Delia A.
Gloria S.
Ingrid B.
Michele Staples
Edie Pursifull
Haydence Thompson
Amy Burkman
Andrea Muir
Athina Markou
Callie Whitaker
Carla Evert
Cindy D.
Claudia Jauregui
Colleen Gates
Connie Yannacone
Debra Padilla
Deirdre H.
Emilee Garfield
Georgina DeSantis
Gloria K.
Jill Yakowenko
Joan E
Joan Larsen
Judith Redwing Keyssar
Julia Young
Julie Crawford
Karen G.
Kathryn G.
Kerry Hamilton
Laura LaserSmith
Laura Shawver
Liz Laats
LouAnn Baudrand
Lynn Blair
Lynn Law
Lynn Neu
Michele Gandola
Michelle Mindlin
Monica Stephenson
Nadine Turner-Rose
Nancy M.
Nancy Unger
Patricia Currie
Sandra S. Neborksy
Sarah Shema
Sharayah Durham
Tania Homonchuk Swain
Tess U.
Claudia Garza
Ginnissa Pettinger
Jean McKibben
Jenny Price Brinen
Kathryn Meyer
Lisa Flynn
Luci Berardi
Mari Wooldrige
Robyn Smith
Daniela Forte
Ellen Redgate
Jill Dezi-Samperi
Ruth Ann Ornstein
Mary Smith
Nancy Katz
Tammy Domingue
Virginia Vaughn
Annette Barth
Elaine Whaley
Jessica Carney
Karen Ingalls
Kate Dodson
Queency Mercado Monroe
Samantha Bacchus
Suzanne M.
Lisa Poirier
Hawaii's Ovarian/Gynecologic Cancer Support Group
Liz Martin
Celia S.
Cherie Taylor
Erin Shank
Jacqueline Ammar
Jeanne Karabin
Sally Cramer
Shari L. Washington
Sarah Ballenger
Michelle H. K.
Jennifer Davis-Zeimen
Laurie Hansen
Lisa Strawn
Mary Henson
Denise T.
Jennifer Allen
Tanya Belcher
Barbara Shriver
Jill T.
Julie F.
Barbara Pattan
Kelsey White
Shelly Willis
Donna Wiegle
Carolyn J.
Cherry W.
Joanna Gutermuth
Krystyna Gladysz
Nancy Long
Preeti Gupta
Anne Tonachel
Carol C.
Kimberly Kudym
Chris G.
Desiree Swiney
Donna Sztuczko
Corinna Lucas
Franci Silverman
Nora Prom
Deb W.
Barbara Schwinn
Diane Toeniskoetter
Holly Oldag
Nikki Jozipovic
Tammy Cowan
Teresa C.
Terri Pitts
Victoria Duncan
Cally O.
Molly Stockdale
Shelley Arndt
Casey Lynn Furney
Melissa Kelly
Jean Schoenweiss
Laura S.
Shirley Chagnon
Brooke Verna
Christine D.
Jacqueline M. Martin
Katherine Pickford
Leslie Conway
Carmela Peters
Elly Mayday
Gertrude McCombe
Ilene B.-C.
Julie Haney
Linda Ball
Melinda Ehrlich
Mimi S.
Angie Cox
Audra D.
Barbara Powell
Carol Frey (Ragland)
Donna Minton
Gail Peacock
Georgia Wilson
Haley Mellert
Kathryn Wolf
Leigh Anne Bliss
Marie W.
Patsy Hinson
Rose Raines
Shannon Routh
Heidii P.
Deb Weisgerber
Heather Karr
Robin Jones
Kate Evilsizer Baum
Dorothy S.
Tina Zimmer
Delanay Martin
Janet Fogg
Marianne M.
Rebekah Ralph
Ann T.
Tanisha Miller
Kathryn Odom
Janice S.
Larisa Brigevich
Leslie Palliere
Lisa O.
Stephanie Wynn Krasnow Parrish
Cheryl Schaeffer
Kathy Biesheuvel
Laurie Nelson
Cathy Dradt
Dorothea G.
Karen Mills
Quatina Wolaver
Helen Gardner
Lisa Carpenter
Maria D. Gonzales
Mary B.
Sarah Goodfriend
Saundra Winokur
Sharon T.
Sheila P.
Susan Poorman Blackie
Cathi Kennedy
Laura Blackner
Laura Glissmeyer
Peggy Morrill
Thekla Lesure
Alice Wendt
Kim Huddleston
Kim Swearengin
Sangela M.
Sara Forrester
Susan James
Vicki Trevillian
Amanda R.
Beth Hannley
Deborah Binder
Julie Negrin
Linda Dunham
Ramona Burks
Sharon Fernandez
Tammy Smith
Terri Robinson
Jolene Heater
Rhonda Harris
Roxanne Bright
Debbie Norris
Erica Gittings
Joanie Conley
Laura Kemmerer
Kris Brewer
Gloria Lamond
Joy Thomas
Marla Brennan
Rachel Ling
Sarah Nicholson
Karla Falter
Patricia Fairchild
Rosie Izzard
Brittany Abrial Palmatier
Isabel G.


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