Clinical Trials Can Help

When faced with an ovarian cancer diagnosis or recurrence, patients want the New Data Confirms Standard Dosing of Chemotherapy in Ovarian Cancer Treatmentbest available treatment. The standard of care may be appropriate for the specific cancer and treatment history.

However, since it does not cure everyone, the standard of care can always be improved. Clinical trials evaluate new approaches to treat ovarian cancer. Some of these treatments may ultimately become part of the standard of care, while others will not be effective. For many patients, clinical trials, even at the time of diagnosis, may offer the best treatment option.

Clinical trial drugs may provide benefit if the standard of care does not work, is effective for a while and then stops working or there is no standard of care for that specific situation. To enroll in a trial, timing is everything. Patients who begin treatment without considering trials may later find they are ineligible for certain trials.

Generally, there are clinical trials for women at any point in their ovarian cancer experience. Each woman should consider these along with her standard of care options. Physicians may not always suggest a trial, or even be aware of all the available trials. It’s important to speak up and ask questions. Knowing the available trials is an important part of making the most informed decisions. 

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