Survival and Clinical Outcomes of Patients with Ovarian Cancer Who Were Treated on Phase 1 Clinical Trials

platinum resistant

Corr BR, Moroney M, Sheeder J, et al

Given that ovarian cancer patients enrolled on phase 1 trials usually have platinum resistant and heavily pretreated disease, with a poor prognosis, researchers undertook this retrospective single-institution series with 132 patients to evaluate prognostic factors as well as survival among women suffering from recurrent ovarian cancer who were treated on phase 1 clinical trials. They reported an overall response rate of 14.7%. A raised cancer antigen 125 level and albumin < 3.5 g/dL were identified as the independent risk factors predictive of shorter survival. Longer survival was predicted by a BMI > 25 kg/m2. The median overall survival was estimated to be 11.3 months in patients with heavily pretreated ovarian cancer who were treated on phase 1 clinical trials. For cases of heavily pretreated ovarian cancer with a preserved performance status, a reasonable treatment choice is phase 1 clinical trials, when available.

This article was published on MD Linx.

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