An Introduction To Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 2018

August 31, 2018 6:25 pm

The following article is provided by The Clearity Foundation to support women with ovarian cancer and their families. Learn more about The Clearity Foundation and the services we provide directly to women as they make treatment decisions and navigate emotional impacts of their diagnosis.

An Introduction to Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 2019

By: Dr. Laura Shawver, Founder of The Clearity Foundation

Whenever I talk with someone that just received an ovarian cancer diagnosis, it brings back the feelings that I had when I heard the words, “you have ovarian cancer.” I can relate to their shock and feeling lost, as it is an uncommon cancer and people usually do not know anyone with the diagnosis. Most importantly, I relate to feeling scared because of the poor prognosis. Women and their families want to know that there is someone in their corner, offering guidance through their surgery and chemotherapy or the choice of a clinical trial or questions to ask their oncologist.  Mostly, they want hope that they will get through this and be able to resume their normal life.

Ten years ago, we were the first non-profit to provide tumor blueprints to women at no charge. Today, we are still the only non-profit to do this as we fight for the best treatment choices for each woman.  And we have extended our services because we realize that women and their families need support throughout their ovarian cancer journey. Thank you to all of our supporters through these many years. You have helped Clearity go from a fledgling idea, to helping women all over the country and bringing molecular profiling to the forefront of treatment.

Thank you to those who have contributed support services to a woman on her ovarian cancer journey for our “30 Days of Teal” campaign. We will be recognizing each of these generous donors every day during September’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Please check back with Clearity for stories of inspiration and hope, and please consider lending your support to the women and families who are on this difficult journey. Together, we are bringing the future of precision medicine to women battling ovarian cancer today.

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