Clearity Publishes Research Results: Comprehensive Genomic Sequencing of Paired Ovarian Cancers Reveals Discordance in Genes that Determine Clinical Trial Eligibility


The new publication describes some of the research being done utilizing The Clearity Foundation Data Repository. In this study, Clearity’s Scientific Director, Dr. Deb Zajchowski, collaborated with other researchers to ask whether there are differences in the molecular profiles obtained for tumor specimens collected at different times during the course of disease.

The analysis found that most of the detected gene mutations did not change between paired samples despite intervening therapy. But, some differences were identified. Those discordant genomic alterations are not currently clinically actionable so they will not affect the standard of care treatments that patients would be given, but many are inclusion criteria for enrollment in clinical trials. These results suggest that obtaining a new tissue sample for genomic testing for ovarian cancer patients at the time of recurrence may assist with clinical trial selection.

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