Clearity Launches Unique Trial Finder That Displays Results For Clinical Trials Retrieved By Search

Clinical Trial Finder

Clearity’s Clinical Trial Finder is a personalized and online search tool that will help you to find a clinical trial based on your location or clinical situation (i.e. platinum sensitive or platinum resistant, number of previous treatments). We can also help you do this search, or understand how some of the drugs in the trials may benefit your unique situation, by calling us at 858-264-5124.

We have recently added an exciting new feature! Now, each trial that is retrieved by the customized search links to reported results from the same trial, or from trials with the same drugs, if they are available. This new feature will help patients and their oncologists select clinical trial options from the long list of possibilities.

We would love for you to check out our new results feature, and look forward to hearing your feedback and any suggestions you may have! Please send all comments and feedback to

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