Who’s Your Teal Woman?

Women facing ovarian cancer often say they feel like a speck of teal in a sea of pink because so little attention is paid to this devastating disease. Clearity is working to change that.

At Clearity, we are committed to helping all Teal Women live well through ovarian cancer, and this year we want to celebrate each and every one. As a national organization, we provide support to women throughout the country. This year, we would like to honor at least one woman from every state, to raise awareness of this often-overlooked disease.

What Makes a Teal Woman

A Teal Woman is every woman who has faced ovarian cancer. Survivors, women undergoing treatment, women in recurrence, women we have lost—all are Teal Women.

The Clearity Foundation wants to celebrate, honor and pay tribute to Teal Women everywhere throughout the year, as well as during September, in recognition of National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

All Teal Women will be featured on website on our Teal Woman Honorees and Memorial Tributes page.

Honor Your Teal Woman Today

So, the question is: Who is YOUR Teal Woman? Nomination is simple and self-nominations are encouraged!

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