An uMbrella Study of BIomarker-driven Targeted Therapy In Patients With Platinum-resistant Recurrent OvariaN Cancer(AMBITION)

Trial ID # NCT03699449
Phase II
Drug Class Angiogenesis Inhibitors: VEGFR
Drug Name Cediranib
Alternate Drug Names Recentin, Cediranib maleate, AZD2171
Drugs in Trial Cediranib, Olaparib
Eligible Participant

Platinum resistant ovarian cancer

Patients Enrolled

Arm A: 16 HRRm Pt-R ovarian cancer, median 3 prior therapies

Therapy Setting


Study Design

Open-Label, Non-randomized


ORR, evaluated per RECIST


HRRm panel: ATM, BARD1, BRCA 1/2, BRIP1, CDK12, CHK1/2, FANCL, PALB2, PPP2R2A, RAD51 B/C/D, RAD54L


ORR: 50% (8PR, n=16) - all responders BRCA1/2 MUT


Cediranib+olaparib shows promising activity in BRCA MUT patients


Lee J-Y et al. An umbrella study of biomarker-driven targeted therapy in patients with platinum-resistant recurrent ovarian cancer (KGOG 3045, AMBITION). J Clin Oncol (2021) 39 (suppl 15; abstr 5520)

Lee J-Y et al. Poster

Lee J-Y et al. Biomarker-guided targeted therapy in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer (AMBITION; KGOG 3045): a multicentre, open-label, five-arm, uncontrolled, umbrella trial. J Gynecol Oncol (2022) 33(4):e45

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