Kathryn’s Story

by Kathryn S.

I became aware of The Clearity Foundation in 2012 shortly after a follow-up surgery for a recurrence of my ovarian cancer. My original surgery was in 2009 and I knew that the recurrence presented new and greater challenges. And that’s when I discovered Clearity.

Their outstanding staff provided desperately needed support that quickly made them an integral part of my team. They have been there for me throughout my subsequent journey, consulting with my doctors, clinicians and specialty providers to assist me in making informed decisions. My initial contact was with founder, Laura Shawver who I “cold-called” after reading of the pioneering work being done by the foundation. She literally spent hours on the phone with me, helping me understand the value of molecular and genetic profiling and working with me to identify treatment options based on my profiles.

Clearity’s professional and compassionate staff navigated the maze of insurance forms while coordinating closely with my gynecologic–oncologist’s office to ensure timely processing of tissue samples through a variety of different labs.

In recent years, Clearity’s Scientific Director, Deb Zajchowski, has mentored me while constantly consulting with my GYN/ONC. She has patiently answered all of my questions, introduced me to additional specialists, and provided comfort and friendship over and above her technical expertise. Meanwhile, Clearity’s constantly evolving and improving website provides a wealth of helpful resource information.

I am convinced that Clearity has contributed measurably to my survival in helping me make informed decisions and in evaluating treatment options. The Clearity Foundation is clearly in the vanguard of efforts to advance personalized medicine.