Joanie’s Story

by Joanie T.
There are not enough words to express our gratitude for your time and your dedication to my case and the treatment of women with Ovarian cancer. Your detailed explanation not only provided insight for us, but gave us a source of comfort and hope. Being treated at a large University has its advantages, but often I miss the direct connection to a person who cares. You and your team have shown you care ever since we started this process with Clearity. From the late night emails, calls, and words of kindness, this type of treatment should be the model for cancer centers nationwide.

Your detailed scientific approach by finding a blueprint for each woman’s cancer treatment should be the way of the future. I can only hope the future is now and not in 5 years. We cannot continue to hit our bodies and souls with the toxicity of drugs which may not be the ideal treatment. We are all individuals and The Clearity Foundation treats you as a whole person with feelings, family, and a life outside of cancer. As a person with a recurrence, the timing of the profiling could not have been more critical.

The reports that were provided changed the course of my treatment and I know will change my overall survival. The Clearity Foundation is a critical piece that can change the outcome for millions of Ovarian Cancer patients around the world. Please help to spread the word in making this type of treatment the path for patients today. We cannot afford to wait. During the course of my year of treatment, I lost 2 friends who battled this disease. It wasn’t due to the disease that they lost their strength; it was due to the toxicity of the drugs. I am confident that through the molecular profiling of The Clearity Foundation, that the correct choices can be made for treatment, overall success, and increased survivorship.