Crystal’s Story

by Crystal F.

Young and Determined to Beat Ovarian Cancer

crystalI am 30 years old, have two stunning daughters, and two years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. I have undergone multiple surgeries and chemotherapy treatments. After my last surgery, it was discovered that my chemotherapy was not successful, and the cancer had continued to spread. I started going to an alternative medicine doctor, where I actually started seeing results. My cancer cell count dropped dramatically, and continues to lower even more as I make sure to adhere to a strict diet and lifestyle.

I heard about The Clearity Foundation from the holistic doctor that I work with. She had read about the organization in O Magazine. Before I knew about Clearity, my treatment was just a shot in the dark. I had tried chemotherapy and it had just made me miserable and given me little result. With my recent molecular profile, I am now looking for options within my findings, and will hopefully discover a treatment with better results.

Before hearing about Clearity, I had read about molecular testing in Suzanne Somers’ books but assumed as someone without health insurance I would never find a way to get it done for myself. One day, with a feeling of desperation, I sent an email to an address I had been carrying around in my purse: The Clearity Foundation’s contact information. Within hours, I received a response to my application saying that I had been approved and to not worry. The Foundation was taking care of my test and I would get my results soon. They made it clear to me that everyone deserves better treatment and a fair chance at life. I appreciated that not only did they respond quickly, but I could tell there was a real person writing a message to me and talking to me on the phone. I was surprised and comforted by the personal care and time taken to help me understand the molecular profiling process. This was definitely different than the feelings I would get at times that the personal touch is overlooked by automated machines and blanket emails; Clearity makes that difference. Not only did they send me my test results, but they called me to explain what they meant and options to discuss with my doctor. After being sad for so long, I am again excited at the possibilities of a controlled future with cancer.

I am a believer that exposure about ovarian cancer is very important. Being one of the youngest epithelial ovarian cancer patients on record I feel like I have an opportunity and a voice that could be heard. Because of this, I have started a page on Facebook, and have a website where I journal and post updates about my treatment progress. In this way, it is easy to share my story publicly and spread the word about ovarian cancer and The Clearity Foundation.