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Molecular Profiling in Cancer Management

Incorporation of molecular profiling into patient care is changing the way physicians make decisions about treatment options. Our Tumor Blueprint provides valuable information to consider as you determine the most appropriate treatment or clinical trial for your patient. As molecular profiling is increasingly used in therapeutic decision-making, the era of “one-drug-fits-all” therapy is gradually coming to an end.

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Molecular Profiling in Ovarian Cancer

The outlook for patients who present with advanced stage ovarian cancer or who relapse following chemotherapy is poor, despite advances in cytotoxic chemotherapeutic options. By identifying which cellular pathways are altered in your patient’s tumor, Clearity’s Tumor Blueprint can help you prioritize the treatments that are most likely to be effective.

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Patient Eligibility

The Clearity Foundation facilitates molecular profiling for ovarian cancer patients who recur following treatment with first-line platinum/taxane combinations. Genomic analyses, including our own (Zajchowski et al, 2012), have shown that the molecular profiles of tumors from recurrent ovarian cancer patients can be very different from the tumors obtained at diagnosis.

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Test Logistics

The Clearity Foundation will provide lab testing requisition forms for your signature and, upon receipt of those forms, arrange for a tissue sample to be sent to our clinical lab partners for analysis.

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Test Panel

Analysis of the protein biomarkers and genes in the test panel can identify molecular characteristics of your patient’s tumor that may be helpful for prioritizing treatment choices after platinum/taxane failure.  The protein biomarker tests in the panel were selected based on results published in retrospective clinical research studies in ovarian and other cancers.

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Clearity Match

For women with recurrent platinum-resistant or refractory ovarian cancer, currently available chemotherapy options are often ineffective. A targeted treatment specific to the tumor molecular profile may provide more clinical benefit than another line of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will not cover the cost of such agents until women have failed the list of chemotherapy drugs in the NCCN guidelines, and even in those cases, coverage for the off label use of these new drugs is variable. This means that women are often exposed to considerable toxicities with little, if any, benefit. If a patient meets the eligibility criteria for this program and she and her physician agree to the specified requirements, The Clearity Foundation will subsidize the cost of certain molecular targeted agents that match her tumor profile.

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