Clearity Tumor Profile Report

How to Get Clearity’s Tumor Profile Report

Insights that can inform treatment decisions can come from testing your patient’s tumor with a comprehensive genomic analysis that includes more than 300 genes, including the BRCA1/2 genes as well as biomarkers such as HRD (or LOH, loss of heterozygosity), tumor mutation burden (TMB), and microsatellite instability (MSI). Many laboratories perform this testing, including those in some of the large cancer centers and in companies such Foundation Medicine, Tempus, and Caris Life Sciences.

The results from this testing are sometimes complex and our interactive Tumor Profile Report simplifies the information and highlights the therapies predicted to provide benefit.   In order to generate this report, we ask patients to participate in our Treatment Decision Support Program and give us their consent to add their data and treatment history to our database.  We provide all necessary forms for that consent and authorization and release of medical information.

As part of Clearity’s Treatment Decision Support Program, we offer consults to explain the interpretive information in the report and can work with physicians and patients to incorporate this data into the decision-making process. We can also help identify appropriate clinical trials.

We also maintain the Clearity database to facilitate data interpretation, track outcomes and identify patterns that may help guide therapeutic development.   We have an IRB-approved protocol for a Data Repository to be used for research purposes and ask each if they wish to participate in that study.  This consent is voluntary and independent of their program participation.


As a non-profit, Clearity’s services are free of charge.

To obtain your patient’s Tumor Profile Report, please complete our online background form to have her participate in our Treatment Decision Support Program and we will send her the appropriate consent and authorization forms.   Please call us at 858-657-0282 or email us at with any questions.