Making a difference in the lives of women with ovarian cancer and their families.

The Make A Difference Scholarship, made possible by a partnership between The Clearity Foundation and Select Justice, is a scholarship that offers women and others who have been directly impacted by ovarian cancer a chance to have renewed opportunities and receive a financial reward that helps advance them in their next steps.

Through the Make A Difference Scholarship, Select Justice will award $6,000 for the 2021 academic year to three lucky recipients. This partnership with The Clearity Foundation not only offers hope to those impacted by ovarian cancer — but it also offers them exciting opportunities for a tomorrow that’s filled with promise.

Empowering women and families impacted by ovarian cancer is at the heart of Clearity’s mission. Our experience supporting the ovarian cancer community shows that education is an important source of hope for those on a difficult journey. We applaud the launch of the Make a Difference Scholarship to support the educational ambitions of people impacted by ovarian cancer.
Hillary Theakston, Executive Director of The Clearity Foundation

Who Can Apply for the Scholarship?

To participate in the scholarship program you must be 18 years or older. In addition you must have been directly affected by Ovarian Cancer (either having it yourself or a close family member that had Ovarian Cancer). All essays will be reviewed by an expert panel and winners will be announced in December, 2020.

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