Patient Stories

Luci’s Story

Luci Berardi had known for three months that something was wrong. As a yoga practitioner and instructor, she was very much in tune with her body, and the changes she was noticing were odd and disconcerting…Continue reading »

Liz Laats

Check out Liz Laats’ amazing speech at Glitter and Glue for Good, not a dry eye in the house. Thank you to everyone who joined us on March 7th for the inaugaural Glitter & Glue for Good event. More than 250 people joined us and…Continue reading »

Tania’s Story

I am an Emergency Department physician and I am also an ovarian cancer survivor. As is often the case, my diagnosis came out of the blue, with minimal symptoms and at an advanced stage. Unfortunately, like most women with…Continue reading »

Helen’s Story

It had been a busy year, I was working as hard as ever, but I just didn’t feel right. For the first time in 49 years, I had this little pooch in my stomach, not like any other pooch I had ever had. And it was just a little…Continue reading »

Marilyn’s Story

Until the Clearity Foundation opened its doors, there was no access to tumor blueprinting for women with ovarian cancer. But now my doctors know exactly what’s inside my cancer cells. Continue reading »

MK Story

The Patient Perspective on Clinical Trials from MK

Because progress against ovarian cancer has been slow, many patient advocates believe that clinical trials hold the key to improving treatment outcomes for patients today. Continue reading »

Crystal’s Story

Crystal’s Story

I heard about the Clearity Foundation from the holistic doctor that I work with. She had read about the organization in O magazine. Before I knew about Clearity, my treatment was just a shot in the dark. Continue reading »

Tina’s Story

Tina’s Story

Although I am grateful for the treatment I received and appreciate everyone involved, thanks to The Clearity Foundation I now know I received the standard, non-personalized treatment for women with my type of cancer. Continue reading »

Annette's Story

Annette’s Story

I am 70 years old; a former RN; retired BA, MA, and PHD professor of English and Women’s Studies at Metropolitan State College of Denver; wife, mother, grandmother and ovarian cancer survivor. Continue reading »

Joanie’s Story

Joanie’s Story

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for your time and your dedication to my case and the treatment of women with Ovarian cancer. Continue reading »

Barbara's Story

Barbara’s Story

My journey has been filled with fear, frustration at how little advance we have seen in defeating this disease, and, at times, depression. It also has been a journey of discovery and hope. Continue reading »

Barbara's Story

Kathryn’s Story

I became aware of The Clearity Foundation in 2012 shortly after a follow-up surgery for a recurrence of my ovarian cancer. My original surgery was in 2009 and I knew that the recurrence presented new and greater challenges. And that’s when I discovered Clearity. Continue reading »