Drug Class: Angiogenesis and Growth Factor/ Receptor Inhibitors

Antiogenesis Inhibitors: Gene Therapy

Platinum-Resistant/Refractory (Pt-R/Rf): Treatment given for recurrence occurring less than 6 months after last platinum-based treatment or for progression during last platinum-based treatment

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Trial ID # Phase Drugs Clinical Trial Title Key Conclusion and Results
Drugs in Clinical Development
NCT01711970 I/II Ofranergene obadenovec, Paclitaxel A Phase I/II Trial of Multiple Dose VB-111 and Weekly Paclitaxel for the Treatment of Recurrent Platinum-Resistant Müllerian Cancer

Ofranergene Obadenovec+weekly paclitaxel is safe and well tolerated; tumor responses are associated with tumor infiltration of CD8 T-cells

ORR (RECIST): 13% (n=15)
ORR (CA125): 58% (n=12)

Ofr (therapeutic dose)+Pac vs Ofr (sub-therapeutic dose, n=4)+Pac:
OS: 16.6 vs 5.8 months*

pub 2020

*Statistically significant result

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