Claudia’s Story: Clearity Was My Rock!

November 23, 2020 5:54 pm

The following article is provided by The Clearity Foundation to support women with ovarian cancer and their families. Learn more about The Clearity Foundation and the services we provide directly to women as they make treatment decisions and navigate emotional impacts of their diagnosis.


Like many women, Claudia knew something wasn’t quite right when she began to experience an unusual pain in her pelvic area and excessive sweating while at work. Later in the night, she ended up in the hospital with emergency surgery, and that is when everything changed.

Claudia underwent surgery and six rounds of chemotherapy, but her scans were still not clear. Shortly after chemo, Claudia’s mother came across The Clearity Foundation and immediately felt that is was a sign.

“Clearity was my rock! They were a huge support system and helped guide what questions I should ask my doctors. I’m so thankful for this organization. 

My first doctor gave me no hope. She even told me not to save my eggs because I wouldn’t live long enough to have children. Then I found Clearity and Dr. Deb Zajchowski. She gave me answers about my cancer, and the courage to find a new doctor and a new treatment plan. Three years later I’m planning for my wedding and my future.”

Learn more about Claudia’s story, and the impact that Clearity has had on her ovarian cancer journey, by clicking the video below:

Join Claudia in supporting Clearity by starting your own Facebook Fundraiser, or by donating here You can make a difference in the lives of women with ovarian cancer and their families! 

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