About the Tumor Blueprint

The Clearity Foundation provides you with a personalized Tumor Blueprint designed to help inform therapy selection. We provide insights based on key features of your tumor at the molecular level.

A tumor blueprint provides a detailed profile of the molecular characteristics of a tumor. It is generated by measuring a panel of protein biomarkers and testing for molecular changes in over 300 genes. Your Tumor Blueprint interpretative report suggests drug treatments that match and therefore may be more likely to be effective for you if you have a recurrence of your cancer. Some of those drugs may be available through clinical trials for which you may be eligible.

Clearity’s team of scientists survey the medical literature on an ongoing basis to identify and update the connections between protein biomarkers and genetic changes in the tumor and responsiveness to specific drugs that are used to treat cancer.

Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

Platinum-taxane combination therapy is the standard-of-care treatment if you were diagnosed with advanced stage ovarian cancer because it is effective in more than 75% of women. In contrast, multiple possible therapies are available to treat recurrent ovarian cancer and no standard-of-care guidelines help physicians select from these options. Molecular profiling provides valuable insights for both patients and physicians to decide which drugs offer the best treatment options.

Activated Signaling Pathways Drive Your Tumor

Cells are constantly sending and receiving signals, and cancer cells are no exception. Inside cells, there are series of pathways, each containing several molecules to manage these signals. Many of these messages are related to cell growth and division and a “misfire” on any signaling pathway can potentially lead to tumor growth. Chemotherapy agents block these pathways, stopping this growth.

The DNA in cancer cells is often mutated so that it contains changes in the DNA sequence and multiple copies of existing genes. These types of genetic changes may be the reason that the tumor cells are able to replicate faster and more aggressively than normal cells. New classes of drugs have been developed to target these genetic changes and stop this growth.

The protein biomarkers and genetic changes that correlate with response to chemotherapy and targeted drugs are listed on the Test Panel page.

Your Cancer, Your Treatment

The Clearity Foundation’s Tumor Blueprint provides a unique result for you based on evaluation of a variety of tumor tests. Analysis of the protein biomarkers can indicate whether a tumor is likely to be sensitive or resistant to certain chemotherapy drugs. Analysis of the genomic DNA tests can help identify targeted drug therapies that may also be effective. Some of these may only be available in clinical trials.

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