Hillary Theakston, Executive Director

Hillary Theakston is Executive Director of The Clearity Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit focused on helping women with recurrent ovarian cancer make more informed treatment decisions on the basis of personalized genomic information. During her career, Ms. Theakston has led communications programs for life science companies and provided communications consulting to healthcare companies including Trius Therapeutics, Medipacs and Sorrento Therapeutics. Ms. Theakston served as director of communications and director of investor relations for ResMed, an international medical device manufacturer. Before joining ResMed, Ms. Theakston led investor relations and public relations for Diversa Corporation, a genomics discovery company.

Laura K. Shawver, Ph.D., Founder

Dr. Shawver is a biotechnology entrepreneur with 25 years of scientific experience. Her primary focus is in cancer research and drug development. Currently, Dr. Shawver is Chief Executive Officer of Cleave Biosciences, which is focused on developing novel drugs for difficult to treat cancers. Prior to joining Cleave, she was Executive-in-Residence at 5AM Ventures, a venture capital firm dedicated to building and actively creating value in early-stage life science companies. Previously, Dr. Shawver was Chief Executive Officer of Phenomix Corp, a company developing drugs in areas of unmet medical needs including diabetes and HCV infection. Prior to joining Phenomix, she was President of SUGEN, Inc which was focused on identifying molecular pathways of cancer cells. The emphasis on kinases and their role in cancer led to the development of SutentT for the treatment of kidney cancer and gastrointestinal tumors as well as PalladiaT for the treatment of mast cell tumors in dogs. In addition, Dr. Shawver serves as an advisor to the biotech industry in the area of drug development. Her research career focused on oncogenes, growth factors and signal transduction pathways and she has published a number of research articles and book chapters in scientific journals. Dr. Shawver is Deputy Editor of “Molecular Cancer Therapeutics” and serves on other editorial boards. She is an active member in the American Association for Cancer Research currently serving on the Science Policy and Legislative Affairs committee and on the Scientific Advisory Committee for Hollywood’s Stand Up 2 Cancer campaign.

Deborah Zajchowski, Ph.D., Scientific Director

Deborah Zajchowski serves as Scientific Director and has been involved with the foundation since its inception. She is a cancer biologist with over 20 years experience in cancer research and drug discovery in the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Clearity in November 2007, Dr. Zajchowski was a Senior Project Leader at Berlex Biosciences, Inc (a subsidiary of Schering AG, Germany), where she led the multi-disciplinary project teams in Oncology Research (including breast cancer drug target discovery and validation efforts and the pre-clinical drug development of a novel chemotherapeutic agent for ovarian and pancreatic cancer treatment) and Cardiovascular Research (a novel genomic profiling approach to discover selective estrogen receptor modulators for treatment of cardiovascular disease). She is an active member of the AACR and ASCO, serves as a reviewer for several scientific journals, and has published many scientific research articles in the areas of cancer genomics, estrogen action, and transcriptional control. Dr. Zajchowski received her PhD from the University of Chicago and had post-doctoral research fellowships at the L.G.M.E. in Strasbourg, France and at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Mass.