How to Get Your Tumor Blueprint

Talk to your doctor about Clearity’s Tumor Blueprint. We recommend Hypertension Linked to Better Outcomes for Subset of Ovarian Cancer Patientsdownloading this brochure and bringing it to your physician. You may also refer them to the For Physicians section, which contains much of the same information.

Download and submit these forms and records to Clearity Foundation. Please be sure to discuss profiling with your physician prior to submitting your forms as his or her authorization is required.

The Clearity team will work closely with you and your physician to have a tumor sample from a recent biopsy or surgery sent to our clinical laboratories for testing.

Clearity’s scientific team will summarize and analyze the laboratory results to create a report describing your tumor’s molecular profile, as well as treatments that may prove helpful. Some of those treatments may be available in clinical trials.

The cost of the biomarker and genomic testing can vary depending on your insurance. We are committed to helping women make more informed treatment decisions, regardless of their ability to pay. Please do not hesitate to fill out our financial assistance form.

Please email Clearity at with completed forms and requested records or fax to 858-657-0265. These documents will help Clearity ensure you receive the testing results as rapidly as possible.