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The cause of ovarian cancer is unknown and most commonly occurs in women over age 50, but it can also affect younger women. One of the primary challenges of ovarian cancer is that initial symptoms are generally mild, making early detection extremely difficult. Typically, ovarian cancer is not found until it has reached Stage 3, when it has already begun to spread inside the abdomen. Studies find that two factors have the greatest impact on survival: removing every visible trace of the tumor with meticulous “debulking” surgery, and finishing the recommended amount of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, researchers have found that many women do not have adequate surgery, because they are operated on by doctors who do not specialize in gynecologic cancer treatments. Just as each woman who develops ovarian cancer is a unique individual, her cancer is unique. To bring about change, patients will have to speak up.

The Clearity Foundation provides you with a personalized Tumor Blueprint designed to help inform therapy selection. We provide insights based on key features of your tumor at the molecular level. The Tumor Blueprint is generated by measuring a panel of protein biomarkers and detecting genetic changes in your tumor. Your Tumor Blueprint interpretative report suggests drug treatments that match and therefore may be more likely to be effective for you. Some of those drugs may be available through clinical trials for which you may be eligible.

Getting a Tumor Blueprint

Step 1: Talk to your doctor about the Clearity Foundation’s Tumor Profiling solution. Download Brochure to bring to your doctor.

Step 2: Download and submit forms and records to the Clearity Foundation.

Step 3: Our team will work with you and your physician to obtain the appropriate tumor tissue sample from a recent biopsy or surgery and have it sent to our clinical laboratory partners for analysis.

Step 4: Once the laboratories generate the results of the molecular tests, Clearity’s scientific team will use that information to create an interpretive report based on clinical literature and patient data from our patient database. The report will be provided to you and your doctor, along with information about any clinical trials for which you may be eligible based on your molecular profile. We will also review the information and interpretations in the report with you by telephone to answer any questions you may have.

Cost of the Tumor Blueprint

As a non-profit organization, Clearity Foundation provides its patient support services free of charge. Our services include molecular testing coordination, reporting and interpretation of results, and identification of clinical trials for which you may be eligible. The cost of the molecular testing will vary depending on your insurance.

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