About Us


Patients facing recurrent and refractory ovarian cancer deserve the chance to find the best treatment for their specific cancer. The Clearity Foundation was launched in 2008 to help ovarian cancer patients and their physicians make better-informed treatment decisions, based on molecular profiling of tumors.

Our team is made up of scientists, physicians, and volunteers who are passionate about changing the paradigm for ovarian cancer treatment from a trial-and-error approach to one that individualizes therapy selection based on each patient’s unique tumor molecular profile.

The Clearity Foundation helps eligible women obtain and understand the molecular profile of their tumor. Our profiling approach synthesizes data from multiple sources that measure the levels of specific protein biomarkers and detects certain genetic changes that are relevant in ovarian cancer. The resulting Tumor Blueprint provides information that enables physicians to select drugs that match each patient’s individual disease and may therefore be more effective than other options.

What We Do

The Clearity Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that provides patient support services including lab test coordination, tumor blueprint interpretation, and clinical trial identification free of charge.

Our services and educational programs are focused on:

  • Assisting patients and physicians prioritize therapy options for recurrent and refractory ovarian cancer by providing information about the tumor molecular profile;
  • Helping patients find clinical trials for which they may be eligible, based on the molecular characteristics of their tumor;
  • Educating patients and physicians about the value of molecular profiling in ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment; and
  • Expediting the clinical development of novel targeted agents for ovarian cancer by creating a database that correlates tumor molecular profiles with treatment outcomes.